Achieving your objective of being a successful real estate professional requires effective communication and interviewing skills. Transactions are often lost because of inadequate communication.

Communication is an interchange of information between two or more parties, in other words, a two-way conversation. In order to achieve effective communication, you must be “believed” and to be believed you must act credibly, and earn the other person’s trust. Through careful and effective communication, you can earn that trust.

Strong communication skills are necessary for getting appointments, making presentations, delivering information, negotiating and coordinating transactions and maintaining referral follow-up opportunities.

Communication involves spoken and written words, voice tone, an inflection, as well as facial and body gestures or expressions. Words and ideas that can seem so clear to you can often be misunderstood.

So how do you become a good communicator?

By becoming an active listener!

Delivering quality service requires understanding and meeting the needs of the consumer. To understand these needs, you must be an active listener.

Active listener actions:

  • Stops talking and listens for information
  • Accept speaker’s point of view (does not require agreement)
  • Ask clarifying questions
  • Don’t interrupt with your own ideas
  • React to ideas, not the person
  • Don’t form a verbal response while someone else is speaking
  • Don’t jump to conclusions
  • Reflect before responding
  • It’s all about them; it’s not about you!

More tips:

  • Listen and learn what is important to them
  • Be aware of non-verbal language, yours and theirs
  • Repeat or restate for clarification when appropriate
  • Validate by accepting their right to their ideas and opinions
  • Discuss by exploring available options

Regardless of the outcome of your discussion, don’t move forward unless you both comfortable with the conclusion.

When you meet or communicate with a client, they should be the center of your universe, and deserve your full attention. Listen closely and remember, practicing active listener skills will help you become a better communicator!

Good communication is key!

The blog post above has been written by New England Training Specialist Andrea Heil!

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Andrea Heil

Learning and Development Specialist

RE/MAX Integra, New England