The new RE/MAX brand is propelling us forward in a more modern direction. But we know that refreshing a brand does not come without challenges.   As a region are committed to being a partner with you in this exciting journey. Your yard signs are the most visible and direct extension of your personal brand and now there are more sign designs to choose from than ever before! Below we have outlined one program to help get you started.

Try it on For Size –  Agent Yard Sign Promotion:  In an effort to help you refresh your yard signs and marketing materials, we’ve negotiated  significant discounts of 20-50% from Dee Sign Company and Build a Sign. To access these discounts, visit the the Brand Refresh tile on RE/MAX Launchpad and click on the Yard Sign Program. To allow you all to experience the refreshed yard signs first hand, we’ve also included a unique coupon code for you on the landing page, so the first will be free!

But don’t delay…this promotion will end March 31, 2018. 

In addition to the incentives, we have also created a suite of resources that you can begin using in your business today. From updated social media images to Design Center templates, we want to ensure you are equipped with assets that allow you to celebrate and tell the story of our great brand.