Happy New Year RE/MAX! As we enter 2018, we’re all looking to strategize and plan for an even more successful year. One suggestion to take into consideration in order have a more successful year is to take a fresh look at some new tech tools and tips that can be utilized in your business. What better way to begin the new year than by saving time and increasing productivity. Here are some top apps, and tips for 2018, all designed to help you with some of the most common but necessary items on your daily to-do list.

Before we go into specifics, I would like you to pause to assess what technology you already have access to and what it is or isn’t doing for you. Ask yourself, “have I gone to a real estate conference and bought cool new tools that wowed me…and then NEVER used them?” I bet there are a lot of you saying, “yes, I have.” So, sit down and make a list of everything you are paying for. Then make a second list of what you took the time to set up and use. Technology, especially the tools you pay for, should be a solution for issues you have with productivity, efficiency, and most importantly should help increase your commission dollars.

We could spend a whole day reviewing apps and systems that are available. But we will keep it simple. To cover every aspect of technology would be an epic task; here is a breakdown for you in some of the major categories of how you operate on a daily basis.

Social Media


We can’t talk about technology without a small dose of social media and video. One of the most popular systems out there is BombBomb video email. Not only can you send video messages of yourself, embed them in your marketing materials, but BombBomb also provides RE/MAX specific content. BombBomb is one of our Preferred Partners, which means even though you’ll have to pay for this product, you have access to exclusive pricing. To learn more about their services and what they can do for your business, go to launchpad.remax.com and then click the BombBomb Tile under the Marketing tab!

SocialPrompt by BombBomb

If you decide to get a BombBomb account you’ll have access to their new tool, Social Prompt! SocialPrompt is a FREE tool that is being offered to the entire RE/MAX network. This new tool will allow you to automatically post to your accounts branded social content that we create, at the click of a button. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you can do more of what you do best, help your clients. Even if you don’t have a BombBomb subscription, you will be able to sign up for this service.


Are you worried about whether or not you post on social media frequently enough? Put that worry to rest. Share and schedule Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts in one place with the Hootsuite app. Create social content, schedule it on the Hootsuite calendar, and the app will do the work for you. Hootsuite offers a free account for up to three social profiles and other plans start at only $19/month.


Have you heard of the Facebook group, RE/MAX Play? When it comes to video and video best practices, this is the place to be. It is exclusive to RE/MAX brokers and agents, so be sure to have the proper branding and work information displayed on your Facebook account so the group leaders know you are with RE/MAX and will accept you into the group. The leaders of the group, Michael Thorne, Jesse Peters, and others like Jeremy Blanton are video “celebrities” who have created an educational environment for video first timers to seasoned video agents to share video tips and tricks!

Facebook Ads Manager

Advertising on Facebook? Keeping up with your Facebook ad’s performance has never been easier using Facebook Ads Manager. Receive updates on all your campaigns, manage current campaigns, and even create new ads directly from your phone. Need more information? Go to, www.facebook.com/ads/manager or https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-ads-basics

Lead Management

If you are already a Gmail user, consider using Gmail as your CRM. How? Set up contact groups to start. This is referenced as creating a “label” in which you create your specific groups and categories of your database. It can easily be done right in Gmail. Segment your groups very specifically, not just “past clients” or “past buyers.” Start getting specific with names like “leads that never responded” or “leads without phone numbers”, or even better, “contacts that will always refer me”. They are called labels so that you can have contacts in multiple groups that can be part of targeted messaging at various times throughout the year. A word of caution is not to send mass emails frequently and be aware of the Anti-Spam laws in your area. These groups should be used for your own custom and personal communications.


Looking to create, manage, and send email campaigns to all of your clients from one app.? Have you tried MailChimp? MailChimp will create an email template that fits your brand’s look and feel, customize email campaigns to target clients, and manage all your email lists and subscriptions to better suit your campaigns. MailChimp offers free programs that can meet your real estate needs and I highly encourage you to try them!

Design Center

What about our very own Design Center, accessed via Launchpad? The RE/MAX Design Center is your one-stop shop for professional quality mobile and social online marketing materials that can save you time and money.

Transaction Management


We have teamed up with the world’s most innovative real estate transaction management service provider, DocuSign. Using DocuSign will allow you to do business anywhere, on any device. Your clients, both buyers and sellers will benefit from faster, smoother closings. Everybody wins. Special pricing for both brokerages and individual agents is available for the entire RE/MAX network. Your clients’ sensitive and personal information will always stay secure with the DocuSign app too. Fill out and e-sign documents on the go, send documents to clients, and securely store, manage, and access them from anywhere. Take advantage of our exclusive RE/MAX pricing, available via RE/MAX Launchpad, and watch your business grow.

Cool Tools


The Magicplan app allows you to show clients what they could do with a specific space. While at an open house or touring a home, whip out this app and show clients what an empty room could look like. You can personalize floor plans on this app too, add furniture and show clients what it could look like if they were to purchase it!

Skype and Facetime

There is nothing better than Skype or Facetime to help you stay in touch with clients. You can Skype or Facetime with a client to explain a market report such as ListHub Pro – a tool provided to you by RE/MAX. Make sure your leads and clients know that you are available to communicate by including your Facetime and Skype logo on your email signature and marketing collateral.

Google Maps

Google Maps can do so much more than give you directions. Did you know you can upload a CSV file of addresses to Google Maps and create your own map for a client? This feature is really impressive and can help you show your clients that you are relevant and tech savvy. Try using this on your next buyer tour!


Speaking of maps, one my personal favorite apps is WAZE. WAZE is a GPS app that is very interactive and includes a community of “wazers” that report incidents of heavy or stopped traffic or accidents. “Wazers” help report police locations for the speeders out there and it’s all in real time. It also tells you how long you will be sitting in traffic so you can plan accordingly.

Get prepared for tax season with this tax and finance management app. It’s free and offers a lot of great features, such as:

  • You can easily upload expenses by snapping pictures of your receipts.
  • You can link credit and debit cards for updated expense reports and track your mileage on the go.

A final thought here is to remember that you adapt to new technology more for your clients than yourself. Get to know your clients and find out what they are using and if using that technology will better your interaction and their experience, considering using it!

The blog post above was written by New England Training Specialist Andrea Heil!

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Andrea Heil
Learning and Development Specialist