Video is quickly becoming a crucial requirement for digital marketing in every industry- including real estate. According to the National Association of Realtors, online video sites have quickly grown in popularity, with 36% of surveyed people saying they use video as an informative source in their home search.

Incorporating video into your online real estate marketing can greatly improve your lead generation and prospect nurturing efforts. However, for video to work as an effective marketing technique, you need to adhere to several best practices. Follow these best practices to craft videos that will take your real estate digital marketing to the next level.

Attracting New Prospects with Real Estate Videos

Before you invest in video, you need to have a video strategy in place. This involves thinking about what kinds of videos you’ll create, how long it will take, and who will benefit. Make sure you know the answers to these questions before you begin:

  • Who/what will be featured in your videos?
  • Who will benefit from your videos?
  • How will this video help generate leads?
  • How long will each of your videos last?
  • Will you require the help of a videographer, or will you produce videos on your own?

Once these questions are answered, you can start the scripting, filming and editing process. Here are some best practices to keep in mind along the way:

1)  Share who you are with in-depth brand explainer videos.

A good place to start with your initial real estate videos is by filming an introduction. Describe why you’re truly passionate about real estate, or how you got your start in the business. These videos should also include some of the properties you represent to give your prospects an idea of the market you primarily work in. If you choose to film outside of your office, include shots of your community as well.

2)  Shorter videos tend to attract more views.

By and large, video marketing for real estate should be entertaining and not a huge time commitment. Research shows video that’s two minutes long is perfect for viewer engagement, so aim for that window when shooting.   

If you’re uncomfortable speaking in front of the camera and tend to ramble or lose your words, jot down notes beforehand so you have a plan in place for what you’ll say, and practice the script to be as conversational as possible when filming.

3)  Introduce viewers to your community.

Home buyers don’t just want to know about a specific property; they’re also curious to learn about the surrounding neighborhood. Video tours of your community offer locals and relocating prospects the chance to get a full view of the region they’ll be living in, rather than just the home.

4) Optimize all of your real estate videos for search engines.

As with all of your other forms of content, you’ll want to ensure the vital aspects of SEO are within any videos you create so they rank in local search results. Keywords and relevant phrases that you mention in your videos should be included in the title, meta description, and tags.

5) Include lead capture forms or CTA links directly in your videos.

Did you know you can add lead capture forms to your videos? That way, if you’ve done an appropriate job of explaining the value of your services, you can acquire leads on the spot.

Converting More Leads Into Clients with Nurture-Savvy Clips

The goal of sharing carefully crafted video content on your website and social media platforms is to ultimately turn members of your audience into bona fide clients. Remember to include these details in your videos to help improve the amount and quality of the leads you generate from your videos.

6) Add nurture videos to drip campaigns aimed at top prospects.

Film a compelling community video or a series of interviews with local business owners, and send to your most qualified leads to replace a written message in your drip email campaigns.

Your prospects will get a much better sense of your area expertise, and you’ll likely see increased engagement because of it.

7)  Incorporate your agency contact info at the start and end of each video.

Your agency’s logo, contact details, and any other information necessary to get in touch with you need to be visible in the introduction and conclusion of your video. You can also choose to include a link to a separate “contact us” page, streamlining the lead generation process.

8) Use annotations in your YouTube videos.

If you’ll be uploading your videos to YouTube, be sure to use annotations to capture leads. By doing this, you’ll entice viewers to continue consuming your content by linking to other videos posted on the website.

Keep in mind, annotations will only like to another YouTube-hosted video or to sites that you’ve designated as an “Associated Website” (such as your own site).  

9) Share videos for certain lead segments on distinctly created pages

Design unique landing pages for each type of video you produce. They’re an excellent way to clearly communicate your agency’s value prop. Remember to keep these capture videos brief, entertaining, and to the point.

Most importantly, make sure the video drives viewers to take a specific action (such as filling out a contact form) on that landing page as a next step.

10) Create a promotional video that introduces your business

While audiences crave valuable videos that address their interests, needs and questions, you should still have a video that serves to promote your services. A high-level introductory video can be used on the homepage of your website to provide visitors with a dynamic and visually-appealing way to learn more about you.

Make sure this video is short and inspires viewers to explore more of your website to learn more about your services, the region where you specialize and browse available properties.

Nurture Leads with Educational and Enlightening Content

If you’ve generated a satisfying amount of leads from your real estate video tours and agent and brand introduction snippets, you then need to plot out a strategy to nurture those existing leads with your video content.

11)  Provide video tours of hot properties on the market.

Prospects don’t just want to learn about you and your services; they also want to see every unique detail of available properties.

Since listings that include video receive 403% more inquiries than those without, taking the time to shoot footage of properties is well worth the effort.

12)  Promote each of your videos across social media.

Use your social media accounts to share and promote your filmed content with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram followers. Video thrives on social media, so these platforms are a great place to get in front of new audiences and generate fresh leads.

13)  Repurpose written testimonials into videos with willing clients.

The same customer testimonials that you post on your website can also be translated into a video format. Instead of having past clients write up their reviews of your services, ask them to share their praise in a short testimonial video!

By showcasing real clients – and the beautiful properties you helped them purchase – you’ll provide valuable social proof indicating to prospects that you are as talented as you claim.

14) Create a series of micro-advice videos — ones featuring quick tips.

Inventory the existing written content you have up on your website, as well as the most frequently asked questions you’ve been asked by your prospects, and put the answers to those queries on film.

These videos can be relatively casual, shot in your office or car, or whichever setting you’re most comfortable in. The goal here is to inform and put your prospects’ minds at ease through the level of knowledge you communicate.

15) Establish an advertising budget so you can expand video awareness.

The video content you create can also repurposed into a digital ads. First determine which of your videos are popular with audiences based off of engagement on sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Then, test out paid platforms such as Facebook Ads or Google AdWords to ensure that your ads are seen by audiences who are most likely to become clients.  

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