Many of you are finding yourselves in competitive listing situations. What do you do when a potential seller says to you, “why should I go with you?” Or, they say “what makes you different than the others?”

It is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Why is that? Because you can’t just say, “because you get me and I am going to do a good job!” It is not enough to say you provide good service, are timely in responding, and that you are the local market expert. All other realtors in your area can state the same. To stand out, you must demonstrate your unique value proposition.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you typically develop a mission statement that conveys your core philosophies. But, that is a formal position. To communicate what makes you different, you must perfect your “elevator pitch.” A true elevator pitch would not be formal it would be conversational. It would answer four key questions:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do and who you do it for
  3. Why you do it
  4. What makes you different

For example, this is how a RE/MAX agent could answer the key questions:

  1. I am a REALTOR® at RE/MAX Allstars in Milwaukee.
  2. I assist homebuyers and sellers with their specific real estate needs by working on their behalf to negotiate and complete all transactions.
  3. I do what I do because it brings me great reward to see the people of this community build lasting memories in their homes.
  4. What makes me different is that I approach every transaction as though it was my own and I sincerely take the time to educate and involve my clients in the process.

For each of you, your “why” will be your own. Each of you has uniqueness about you to offer your business and your clients. Today’s consumer does need to hear today what is “in it for them” and not necessarily what you have accomplished. They want to know who you are and will you take good care of them. They want to know you are genuine and enjoy what you do and it’s a bonus if you will be fun to be around! The process of buying or selling a home can be stressful so make it more enjoyable!

No matter what, you can leverage the RE/MAX brand. That makes you different! You are at the home of the top producer and you have an incredible amount of resources to help you display your RE/MAX pride in any presentation. Have you looked at RE/MAX Launchpad in the Resources tile lately? There are a number of items such as RE/MAX vs. the Industry, and a branded listing presentation for you to use. You can make sure your potential and existing clients know that with RE/MAX they get global exposure and with you they get local expertise and personal service.

Develop your “elevator pitch” and make it part of your daily dialogue. Utilize the power of RE/MAX and stand and deliver your presentations with pride and confidence that you will win business every time!

The above blog post was written by Midwest Training Specialist Michelle Hoyt. 


Michelle Hoyt
Regional Training Specialist