BombBomb just got a whole lot better! Social Prompt is a new FREE tool that is being offered to the entire RE/MAX network. This new tool will allow you to automatically post branded social content, that we create, to your social accounts with the click of a button. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you can do more of what you do best, help your clients.

Check out the following recorded videos to get yourself up and running with this timely, and time-saving, opportunity.


Or, download this one-page flyer to remind yourself (and share with colleagues) to use BombBomb Social Prompt to generate more leads!



Even if you don’t have a BombBomb subscription, you will be able to sign up for this service. We know it sounds too good to put into writing, so we’ve got a video from RE/MAX Co-CEO Adam Contos, RE/MAX SVP of Communications & Marketing Pete Crow, and BombBomb CMO Steve Pacinelli to help explain it!



Pretty innovative, right? We think they hit a gold mine in creating Social Prompt!

Let’s sum the key features up!

Social Prompt’s Key Features

  • Diversifies Social Content: Use one or all four of the posts we’ll write and design for you every single month to post to social.
  • Connects Consumers To You: Create a companion landing page that each post points to which contains all of your contact information and links to your website.
  • Helps Maintain Social Activity: You’ll get an alert before each post, and you can choose whether or not you would like it posted or can also modify the message.
  • Great Analytics: Full tracking and roll-up analytics so you know how far your messages are reaching.

With all that said, we’re sure some of you have some exciting ideas brewing about how you’ll use Social Prompt, while some don’t know where to start. To help get all of your ideas and feelings afloat, and in a good place about how to fully utilize Prompt, sign up for one of the 30-minute webinars below!

New resources, marketing materials, and tools like Social Prompt come about from the feedback you provide, so special thanks to those that speak up and let us know what we can provide to help make your job easier, more efficient, and grow faster!

Here’s a sneak peak at Social Prompt’s social posts!

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.02.51 PM