Spring marketing is gearing up, and we are working to arm you with as many resources as possible to give you a leg up for the new season. We have been asked to give the Seller’s Guide (the Seller Action Plan) a facelift, but we figured – why stop with Sellers? Buyers need help too, so we created a Buyer’s Guide (Buyer Report Card) for your clients looking to invest.

How can you use these in your business?

Make sure to bring a copy of the Seller’s Guide to go to your listing appointment — it helps you walk through each area of the home and give feedback to the seller on what they can do before “picture day”. See a snapshot of some of the pages of the guide below:
RE/MAX Seller's Guide 2018



We know how tricky it is for your clients to keep track of all the homes they view in their search. The Buyer’s Guide is perfect for clients who are seeing multiple homes in one day. It helps them rank the homes they’ve seen and write down their favorite features of each property. See a snapshot of some of the pages of the guide below:
RE/MAX Buyer's Guide 2018



Add these new resources to your marketing toolkit and you can also make them available for download on your personal website. Providing extra value is one of the things that make you different than all of your competition – but your clients need to be made aware of this value first and foremost!