With this busy time of year kicking into high gear, we are excited to share with you that the spring media campaign is in full swing! This year’s plan includes an expanded online and social advertising campaign.

2018 Ad Campaign

The 2018 ad campaign aims to solidify RE/MAX as the only choice for buyers and sellers. A powerful, high-impact, targeted advertising campaign that focuses not only our agents’ outstanding experience and productivity, but also on the RE/MAX agent’s personalized service – making them the most recommended in our industry.

The complete 2018 ad campaign creative is available to the REMAX INTEGRA network through Mainstreet. Access over 100 pieces of material including TV and radio spots, email signatures, desktop wallpapers, print ads, social media images, web ads, and more!

Campaign Creative Assets

Online Advertising Campaign 

In an increasingly digital world, we’re excited to bring a fresh, digital-first approach to take our RE/MAX marketing efforts to the next level. In 2018, you will see highly-targeted, data-driven online advertising campaign* focusing on our key demographics of potential buyers and sellers. This campaign is designed to ensure our brand is in front of consumers at the critical moment when they decide to enter the buying and selling cycle. Once we have their attention, we’re driving those consumers to remax.com.

*Campaign tactics and run times are based on available funds for the area.

Display Advertising

Using the ever-increasing historical data or online users, our 2018 campaign will place display advertising in front of our key demographics as they navigate online. Using behavioral demographic information and related online content, the RE/MAX messaging is placed in front of the right people at the right time.

Social Media

In-feed Facebook advertising continues to yield some of the best engagement of key consumers. New this year, RE/MAX video spots and multi-image carousel ads will appear along with single-image display ads in the Facebook news feeds targeted to those that are likely to move and interested in house-buying brands.

In App Advertising

Also new this year, only in areas where funds are available, custom in-app display and video ads served to pre-qualified consumers on leading apps such as, New York Times, Time Magazine, HGTV, Good Housekeeping, Parenting Magazine, and US Magazine. These consumers have self-identified as being within six months of buying or selling a home.

In addition to these digital media programs, we will continue to have a presence in newspapers/magazines like the Boston Globe, Union Leader, Coastal Connecticut and DownEast Magazine, among others. Look for advertisements in these publications throughout 2018!