Two short weeks ago we set loose the ALL NEW RE/MAX Launchpad.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s running wild & free and ready for you to tame it!  

In the meantime, explore FIVE of its top NEW features and uncover their benefits:

1. Goal tracking by Agent, Office, Company and Teams:

Born out of feedback from you, our network, we heard that you wanted a way to track your yearly goals.  Well, the all new RE/MAX Launchpad lets you do just that! By selecting your location, income goal, average sales price, and percent of commission you earn per end, the system will automatically calculate your current ends and volumes vs. your desired goals to help you keep track of where you are and how far you need to go!  

The best part, it’s all visual.  The program creates a dial so you can see your current actual earnings vs. your projected goal and will show you what percentage of your goal you’ve achieved.  The dashboard underneath your personal goals shows you everything together: commissions, volume, and ends. There’s even a club level tracker built in so you can see when you reach a new club level and what volume of sales is needed to reach the next! 


Additionally, underneath the dashboard, you can see your rankings by region.  Find out where you rank within your office, brokerage (if there’s more than one location), city and state by simply signing into RE/MAX Launchpad!

2. My Leads and Listings:

This is a very important and brand new category to RE/MAX Launchpad. From the homepage, click on this widget to see your current listings and MLS numbers. The biggest benefit from this feature?  You can click on each listing and it’ll take you to the Enhanced Listing Manager. If you’re not familiar with this tool, check out our ELM Overview video to learn more.  This tool allows you to add more details and description to a listing.  Perhaps your MLS has limits to the number of photos or characters you can use. This bypasses that limit and lets you add more!  It also features display options that some MLSes don’t, such as driving directions.

The My Leads and Listing widget also lets you view your listings directly on so you can see how it’s displayed and what it looks like to consumers.  Additionally, it provides you the listing’s URL for easy sharing with clients – all from one location – so no more toggling between websites to get your work done!

3. Personalization/Customization:

Nobody likes to waste time searching for commonly used tools, right?  With the all new RE/MAX Launchpad, you can personalize your dashboard for your convenience.  Upon your first visit, you can favorite your most common used apps (or what we called tiles in the old Launchpad) by highlighting the blue heart. They way they appear front and center in your MyTools widget on your main page.



But it’s not just limited to RE/MAX partners.  You can also set up quick links. This feature allows you to add links to websites you visit frequently, like your MLS or Facebook or Voicepad.  Once you’ve updated this section, with a simple click of a button you’ll be taken right to where you want to go!

We also heard that you’d like to be able to update your own profile – and, now you can!  Part of the all new customization of RE/MAX Launchpad includes the ability to update your profile.  You can change your picture, update your personal information or contact info that displays on  You can even change your password!

4. Resources – New & Improved:

RE/MAX Launchpad has always stored a lot of great content such as listing presentation templates, competitive intel, market share docs, and much more.  We know it wasn’t always that easy to find, but…all that’s changed! The new RE/MAX Launchpad has an entirely updated search feature that lets you easily find content – and faster. Access all of our resources and assets with a simple keyword search: type in a common search term of the resource you’re looking for and the system will populate a stream of options for you. You can download files individually or as a set.  


5. My Feed:

We know you’re busy with your clients, business partners, day-to-day operations, family and more.  But we also know there’s a lot going on in the industry and here at RE/MAX that you should be aware of.  To help help you stay in the know we’ve created the My Feed. Fed with blog posts and stories relevant to you regarding upcoming events, industry specific changes, market share reports, and more, the My Feed widget appears on the homepage of RE/MAX Launchpad and will alert you to top stories that will benefit your business.  

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