Hot air balloons are an eye-catching spectacle that can really capture the attention of a crowd; however, as fascinating as they are, ballooning enthusiasts know how important it is to keep safety top of mind.  It’s no different with our RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons.  If you are interested in requesting the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon to appear at a local event, there are a number of safety precautions you need to be aware of:

Safety First

Safety is the first consideration in all situations involving the balloon. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations are specific regarding the safe performance of any aircraft, and the judgment of our qualified pilots is vital to ensure the safe operation of the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon. The Pilot in Command is directly responsible for the safety of everyone involved, including the crew, passengers and bystanders. Therefore, the Pilot has full decision making authority regarding any and all activities during any ballooning event.

Passenger Guidelines

For safety reasons, it is important to pre-screen passengers prior to the day of the flight. When pre-screening a passenger, you should consider their age and physical condition. Children under the age of 10 and elderly persons will not be allowed on a flight. The majority of the landings are very smooth and uneventful, however, sometimes the wind picks up and the basket ends up on its side. If this occurs, small children can end up on the bottom of the basket and elderly passengers cannot brace properly for this type of landing.

Weather Conditions

A hot air balloon is greatly affected by weather. A clear sunny day does not necessarily make ideal conditions for a hot air balloon event. The most important factor considered in a balloon flight is the wind.

• Calm-Light Winds (0-6mph): Prospect is good for tether and flights.
• Increased Winds (6-10mph): This becomes a marginal situation. Pilot’s discretion as to whether or not a flight tether can occur.
• Windy (10+ mph): 26-foot cold air inflation only. Program can be given by demonstrating use of balloon equipment, periodically blasting burners and discussing hot air balloons in general.

Time of Day

It is a common misconception that a hot air balloon can fly at any time of day. For flights, tethers or tether rides we have a two-hour window after sunrise and before sunset. This is the only time of day that inflation of the balloon is possible due to wind and atmospheric conditions. Inflation of the hot air balloon at any other time would endanger the crew and passengers, and is not permitted.

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