It’s been just over two months since we’ve unveiled the New RE/MAX Launchpad and there’s loads of tips and tricks to help streamline your sales process. Did you know that even though there is no native RE/MAX Launchpad app (downloadable from the app store) you can still save the site as a shortcut on your mobile device? It’s the perfect hack that will make using the site more accessible and more efficient for our Brokers & Agents.

We’ll take you through this super simple process of how to create your own RE/MAX launchpad shortcut on your smartphone. Get easy access to your dashboard stats and other apps on the go – anytime, anywhere.

Here’s how to create your own shortcut:

For iPhone users

1. Launch the Safari browser app and type in

2. Click on the ‘share’ button below.

3. Add the page to your homescreen (if the option is not immediately shown, scroll to the right).

4. Name your shortcut and click ‘Add’.

5. There you have it! You will now find the app displayed on your homescreen.

For Android users:

1. Open Google Chrome browser and type


2. Click ‘Add to homescreen’ from the drop down menu.

3. Name the new shortcut.

4. The new shortcut will now show up on your homescreen as an app with an ‘R’ icon.

Stay tuned for more “Did You Know” blog posts where we will uncover some little-known tricks within the new RE/MAX Launchpad that will help you, our Brokers & Agents be more productive and more successful.