Are you a real estate agent who has a checklist to keep track of everything?  Call client, check. Upload photos, check. Feed dog, check. Well, I hope somewhere in that checklist of yours you have a line item for public relations and earned media efforts.  As a real estate professional, this can be a big ticket item that costs you no money and a small amount of time.

It might feel like a nuisance to switch your marketing gears from your listings to yourself but it has its place and certainly has its rewards.  If you’re not familiar with the art of PR and securing earned media, check out some of our earlier blog posts:

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Although you need to focus on your own personal PR, we are here to help and support you when we can.  As part of our PR efforts, we recently shared a press release with regional media outlets on behalf of all of our agents and team leaders who appeared in the REAL Trends The Thousand list.  We’re pleased to share that we got a few bites and a number of our RE/MAX rockstars were highlighted in their local online publications.  You can check them out here!

Kenosha News

Waunakee Tribune

Minneapolis Star Tribune

This serves as a great reminder, that if you’ve been recognized with a national, regional or local achievement, reaching out to your media outlets might get you some additional brand impressions and help you stay of mind with potential future clients!

But it’s not limited to accolades. Check out some other press worthy ideas:

  • You’ve pulled market data and noticed some interesting trends in your area
  • You’re a new agent, or as a team leader or office, if a new agent joins your team or company
  • You’re celebrating an anniversary or you’ve reached a major milestone
  • You’re a broker and are opening a new office or you’ve renovated an office
  • You’ve been appointed a position on a local board, been named to serve in a leadership position, etc.
  • You’re heading up or participating in a charitable cause or philanthropic event
  • You’re forming a team
  • You’re announcing a partnership, perhaps with a builder
  • You’ve launched a new product or website
  • You’ve secured a new, significant, or well-known client
  • You’ve earned a new designation
  • You’ve overcome a challenge or rose above adversity
  • You’re sponsoring a workshop or seminar

Remember, these are just a few ideas!  Keep your wheels turning about what is important for your community to know about you and your business.  Now, go get your list and make sure you check off public relations and earned media opps!  And…don’t forget the dog.