Lakken, a past Miracle Child, has been selected to represent Marshfield Children’s Hospital as a 2018 National CMN Hospitals Champion.

Age: 15

Hometown: Stanley, WI

Favorite things: Baking, piano, choir, school plays

Lakken had been experiencing headaches and trouble with coordination, so her family made an appointment for their 10-year-old child with a physician specialist in Marshfield. Still, they were not prepared for Lakken’s diagnosis of medulloblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor originating at the base of the skull.

Following surgery to remove the tumor, Lakken spent over a year in and out of Marshfield Children’s Hospital receiving chemotherapy. With the help of physicians and staff, Child Life specialists, music therapists and support of family and friends, she was declared cancer-free in November 2013.

When Lakken was diagnosed she discovered a quote she continues to live by – “Never let anything dull your sparkle.” Today, Lakken continues to shine and enjoys participating in school plays, singing, baking and playing the piano. She still travels to Marshfield Medical Center (MMC) each year for checkups and remains cancer-free. 

How your gifts helped Lakken:

Donations provided important CMN Hospitals services for Lakken, including Child Life specialists, music therapy, access to cancer research studies and specialized treatment equipment.

About Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals:

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