It’s Month of Miracles!  As we embark on a month-long celebration of all the incredible things you do in support of our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals – CMN Hospitals has created a fun social media challenge for you!

Below are the challenges that must be completed this month (August). Take screen shots of each challenge and once all are completed, visit the RE/MAX Social Challenge Website  to register.

  • Create an honor card on behalf of a client OR make a donation in the Miracle System
  • Post a selfie in front of your local CMN Hospitals with #SELLfie
    • If the hospital is too far away, you can request a picture of the hospital’s local Champion and post that image on social media with #SELLfie
  • Post a video or image of a client for whom you made a donation to CMN Hospitals with #SELLfie
  • Post (or go live!) stating why you support CMN Hospitals using #REMAX4Kids

The winner of the challenge will be announced in early September, and will receive a ‘thank-you’ ad from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that highlights you and your good deeds in your community. Click here to learn more about the challenge and join us today!

Not a Miracle Agent yet? No worries! You can still participate by making a donation to your local CMN Hospital through the Miracle System this month. Click here to learn more and join the movement today! Bonus: Join our RE/MAX Miracle Maker Facebook group to connect with some Miracle Agents and see how they celebrate Month of Miracles.

Happy Month of Miracles! Thank you for all you do to help kids!