As a RE/MAX Broker or Agent, you’ve experienced how a powerful network can help your business soar to new heights. More than any other real estate company, RE/MAX provides the essential tools, services and support to help you achieve your goals – and pursue the life you want.

One of those tools RE/MAX provides is the Social Media Best Practices guide for Brokers & Agents. We know that in today’s real estate industry, social media is everything. From virtual tours on Instagram, to recruiting prospects, to advertising listings and open houses, and also connecting with clients, social media is key to growing your business. It’s changed the way real estate works and RE/MAX-ers are leading the charge.

Whether you’re new to running a social media account for business or you’re a seasoned pro, the Social Media Best Practices Guide is a handy reference to learn and optimize your social reach.

This guide teaches you how social media can help your business to:

  • Reach new customers
  • Build and maintain relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Establish and enhance your unique, online presence
  • Manage your online reputation

These tools are free, easy to use, and the guide is complete with a multitude of helpful tips and tricks. And remember, if you or any of your colleagues are reluctant to dive into the social media world, social network is simply an extension of who you are as a real estate professional. It enables you to expand your sphere of influence and carry conversation with clients and potential clients, just like you would at an open house.

Takeaways from the RE/MAX Social Media Best Practices Guide:

  • Building your profile
  • Personal vs. professional profiles
  • Rules and best practices of social networking
  • Managing your online reputation
  • Social media platforms: which one is right for you?
  • Tips and insights
  • Sins and the trolls
  • RE/MAX on social
  • The go-to social media glossary

What are you waiting for? Download the guide below and brush up on those social media skills!

Download the Social Media Best Practices Guide