Anna Gilsinger didn’t set out on a path to give back so completely, but she sure understood the calling when it rang.  

After leaving her full-time accounting job to move home and help her family with their John Deere store, Anna picked up her broker license on the side – just in case. Her back-up plan proved a good idea. Just before Thanksgiving 2016, Anna left the family business and found herself with an open future. Without real estate experience she wondered if that was the right choice.  She had other ideas, too…Mission work? Back to accounting? Or real estate?

Anna connected with RE/MAX Results owners, Todd Stock and Larry Phillips; they saw potential and quickly invited her to join their Warsaw office to mentor with a top producer.  Her decision was made! She started her real estate career in January 2017 and with the guidance of her mentor set out to sell homes!

In March, just two months in, Anna attended the RE/MAX Results awards event. Little did she know how much that would change her business, her life, and her purpose…

A fellow real estate agent, father and CMN advocate spoke at that event with his daughter, a Riley Children’s Hospital patient.  Hearing his story, and how funds raised through the RE/MAX Miracle Home program helped his daughter and countless other children across the state, rang in Anna’s ears and fell upon her heart.  She was overwhelmed thinking about the children and the medical procedures they go through, and their families trying to make ends meet to pay hospital bills. Being blessed with her own financial comfort, she clearly understood she didn’t need the money as much as others did.  

In that moment, Anna felt called to donate all the money she made that year to CMN.  She signed up to be a Miracle Home Associate and got busy selling. Except she wasn’t busy.  She had one deal in her first six months. She was overwhelmed with a desire to help and underwhelmed with her business.  But she persisted.

“I kept thinking, I’d love to send money if I had money to send. So, I just kept telling people about my plan, to give 100% of my commissions to CMN, and by July I had talked to enough people, prayed enough, and business just opened up. Deals that shouldn’t have gone through, went through. And deals just kept coming!”

By the end of  2017, Anna contributed more than $53,500 to CMN.  She shares that the most touching moment was this past March, when she was asked to speak at the RE/MAX Results awards celebration, the same event that kicked things off.  

“It doesn’t feel right to take full credit. I was just doing what I felt called to do. Every child deserves to chase their dreams, to be an adult, to go through everything we do – the ups and the downs. But it was so touching to see so many people moved to tears by what I was able to do. It means so much to me. Different people may think I did it for the glory of me and to grow my business. I work hard and feel incredibly blessed, but I don’t need any of it, the kids need all of it.”

This year, Anna has committed to donate 100% of every local listing in her hometown of Bourbon, IN to CMN for Riley Children’s Hospital, with an additional $250 donation for every transaction outside of town.  House #39 just closed and she’s still counting miracles…