The flip switches next week!  Yes, you read right. LeadStreet, powered by will be available to you starting next Thursday, September 6.  Fivestreet, ListHub and the Enhanced Listing Manager will run concurrently with LeadStreet through September 27. But beginning next week you will have access to LeadStreet via Launchpad.

If you weren’t able to attend any of our live demonstration webinars or review the recorded video, we’re excited to share with you the TOP 4 FEATURES of the new LeadStreet system to get you revved up and ready for this change.

– 1 –

Single Page Agent Websites (SPAW):

This is way more than an agent profile page, folks! LeadStreet, powered by offers you a robust single page agent website, or SPAW, page that acts as a mini website.  You will be able to personalize your page with a bio, social media links, featured listings, Zillow reviews, live social stream and more!  This feature holds another huge benefit as it supports direct to agent leads.  So when someone opens up your profile page and starts poking around your site searching for  information, they will be tied to you and your profile so you can take advantage of being their resource for all their real estate needs!

– 2 –

Profile Features

You know that in today’s online environment, people are scoping you out and cyber-stalking you to make sure you’re the right agent for them, right? So make sure they can find you, and find out who you are, in a clean and simple way!  Enter the new profile feature, which feeds to your SPAW (mentioned above). In the new LeadStreet, you’ll have the ability to build out your profile with a personal bio, social information, and your service areas!  Add in your mobile phone number and carrier to set yourself up to accept leads via text.  Bonus round: In the past, you could identify six zip codes to claim leads from but now you can have 10!

– 3 –

LeadStreet CRM

Coming to you in the new LeadStreet is the power of a built in CRM!  Now, we know that this is a personal matter and some of you may already have your own CRM in place. But let’s be honest, it’s pretty exciting to tout that we now have a contact management system in place for you to manage your leads!!  Even if you keep your own CRM in place, this new feature will house your leads and let you utilize the perks of the program.  But you can most definitely utilize this CRM to the fullest by importing your contacts. In fact, we strongly encourage you to do so.  This will allow you to claim your contacts exclusively as your own. So if down the road one of your contacts pops onto, within your MLS and using the same email address you have, the system will recognize it as your contact and you’ll get the lead!  We should also mention that the CRM lets you export contacts, set up saved searches, lead categories, aggregate leads and so much more!

– 4 –

Listings Manager

Last but certainly not least, now available to you in LeadStreet is a listing manager dashboard!  This gives you the ability to choose your syndicators, add open houses and manage seller reports.  These reports are a robust, must-check-out feature!  With the click of a button you can send out a seller report, specifically branded to you, that includes a link to see online activity and web views, plus a list of local comparables!  Bonus round: In certain areas, where allowed by your MLS, you will have the ability to add an exclusive listing!

And there you have it, folks! The top four features of the new LeadStreet platform. If this has piqued your interest and you want more details and, perhaps view a demo of the product, simply follow the button below to watch a recording of our last live demo.  Be sure to watch it all the way through to hear the Q&A session, where many of your questions will be answered!