RE/MAX LeadStreet, powered by is live and accessible via Launchpad!  It is running concurrently with Fivestreet and ListHub Pro through the end of the month.  To help prepare you, we held live demo and account set-up webinars.  During these sessions, we got a number of questions from you, our agents, about the CRM feature. Below we’ve highlighted a few of the top questions, and their answers, to help you during this transition:

Duplicate Leads

Q: What if more than one agent has a contact (email address) in their CRM? Who would get that lead?
A: The first agent that had entered the consumer’s email address into the LeadStreet database will be the agent that receives the lead.

Q: If a consumer is connected to one agent, but wants to work with a new agent, how does the consumer link to the new agent they want to work with?
A: The new agent would need to connect with the current agent and ask that they delete the client from their database so the lead-logic is broken. The new agent would then need to update their CRM with the consumer’s contact information.

Q: If an agent adds a contact to their LeadStreet CRM and the client is already associated with another agent, will the agent receive a notification that the consumer is already connected with an agent?
A: Yes.

Listing Leads

Q: Will the listing agent receive the lead if they are someone else’s contact?
A: No, a contact that is connected with an agent will send leads to the agent they are connected with, regardless of the listing agent or zip code.

Q: Why is a lead not offered to the listing agent first?
A: The lead-logic behind it is because if a consumer has previously worked with, or networked, with an agent then they already have a relationship with an agent and should stay with that agent.

Q: When would a listing agent receive the lead?
A: Any new lead that is generated from your listing on will be sent to you. The only time you would not receive that lead is if that consumer is already associated with another agent’s LeadStreet account.

Uploading Leads

Q: Will leads in Fivestreet be imported into the new LeadStreet CRM automatically?
A: Yes, leads will be imported to LeadStreet periodically through the preview period, starting on September 6th and again the night before we go live on September 27th, to ensure all leads have been captured.

Q: When uploading contacts from another CRM, is there an option to keep the same category they are in, or do we have to go in and assign each one to a new category?
A: Agents will have to categorize them in LeadStreet.

Q: Is it easy to import contacts from another CRM?
A: Yes! You would just need to export your contacts as a CSV file and then upload them to LeadStreet. Our Support Team is happy to assist if you run into any challenges!

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