September 27th was a big day! Do you know what happened? That’s the day we officially launched LeadStreet, powered by  It is live and accessible via Launchpad, and is the core lead generator for  We hope you were able to attend our live trainings and webinars that we held throughout the month of September. A number of questions arose about the platform and the transition during those sessions. We parsed the Q&A list out and have shared a handful of our top questions & answers around lead generation here:

Setting Up & Zip Codes

Q: How do the zip codes work?
A: Agents will define 10 zip codes that you want to receive leads from. When consumers inquire about non-RE/MAX listings on, they are distributed to the pool of agents who subscribe to the zip code.

Q: Will I only get leads for the zip codes I have selected?
A: You will only get leads for non-RE/MAX listings based on your zip codes. By selecting zip codes, you are establishing your market area so you will still receive listing leads even if they are outside of your selected zip codes.

Q: If there are 10 different agents in one zip code, when a lead comes in, how is that lead distributed amongst the 10 agents?
A: LeadStreet uses an algorithm to determine the distribution of leads. It takes into account the weight* an agent has in that zip code as well as how recently that agent received a lead.   At that point, the algorithm takes over to ensure fair and equitable distribution over time. (*You can select 10 different zip codes or the same zip code 10 times to increase your weight in that area.)

Claiming Leads

Q: How many people will the pool be when the lead goes out?
A: Leads will be offered to one agent for one hour. If a lead is not accepted within the one hour window, a new agent will be added to the lead offer every 15 minutes until the lead is accepted. Leads will expire only during business hours (8:00am – 5:00pm local time). EXAMPLE: If you’re offered a lead at 2:00am, the clock will not start until 8:00am, so you will have until 9:00am to accept the lead if you are the first agent to be offered the lead.

Q: Can you re-assign a lead to another agent?
A: You can, but it is a manual process.

Lead Routing

Q: What action does a consumer take to constitute a lead?
A: A lead is generated on when a customer registers for a account or submits any type of form on a listing.

Q: If a consumer registered through my SPAW (single-page agent website), will the lead go directly to me without going through our office LeadStreet account?
A: Yes

Q: If a lead is labeled as ‘inactive’ in LeadStreet, but submits an inquiry from later, will the original agent still receive that lead?
A: Yes!

Q: How will leads from office websites be broadcast?
A: The broker will have the ability to set broadcasting rules for leads that are routed through the office LeadStreet account.

Q: How much control will the broker have over leads and lead routing for their office?
A: The broker and office manager will have access to view all leads coming into their office. Brokers will be able to update some settings; however, leads will automatically be routed to agents through LeadStreet. Brokers cannot override how leads are routed.

Q: Will team leaders have the ability to assign a lead to a team member when it comes in?
A: Teams will have a team LeadStreet account, and the team leader will be able to set up lead routing.

New Leads

Q: Will LeadStreet send out an auto-responder to new clients?
A: Yes. LeadStreet will send out an email auto-responder. There is not currently a text auto-responder, but that is something being looked into by

Q: Are there any internal checks completed to screen leads?
A: We do have some internal checks in place that are meant to identify bogus email addresses, such as those that include profanity.

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