With every new technology comes changes in processes and minor set-up periods. It’s no exception for the new LeadStreet, powered by Homes.com. Now that LeadStreet is live and in the hands of our Brokers & Agents, it’s time to properly associate your listings to your LeadStreet account.

As always, we’re here to help you through this process. Did you know that you have to properly associate listings to your LeadStreet account to ensure your listings are displayed on remax.com? It’s imperative for your business to ensure the information your clients and prospects are seeing on remax.com is correct. That’s why we’ve outlined this simple tutorial to help you get started.

Remember: You can always enhance your listings via LeadStreet, create seller reports and more.

Click the button below to view instructions on listings not associating.

Listings Not Associating

Here’s how to properly associate listings to your LeadStreet account:

1. Log in to RE/MAX Launchpad.

Login- RE/MAX Launchpad

2. Click on “App Store” under the “My Apps” section.

DYK - design centre - app store

3. Once you find the LeadStreet App, make sure to favorite it by clicking on the heart icon (top left). This is so that you can easily access it from the homepage, within the “My Apps” section.

favourite -leadstreet -DYK

4. Open up the LeadStreet App. You will now be taken to the on-boarding screen. Please ensure your name, email, phone number are filled in correctly. If not, you can edit this information and update it.

Leadstreet-home screen - DYK

5. Next, you will need to fill in the “Agent ID” field. This is the most important step. Here you need to enter your Agent ID corresponding to the MLS board. If you are a member of multiple boards, please enter the multiple ID’s and separate them using a comma (,). For example: 297165,34781,SMITHA

If you do not know your Agent ID, please contact your MLS board.

fill in agent ID - leadstreet - DYK

6. If you currently have active listings, please enter the MLS # for one active listing from each board in the MLS ID field. Please note, if you entered Agent ID’s in Step 5, this step 6 is not necessary. Once you have completed this, click “Next”.

MLS ID - leadstreet - DYK

7. Under “Listing Source”, make sure you check the MLS board and click “Next”.

Listings source - DYK - leadstreet

8. Click next on the Profile Setup and Social Networks page. Then click “Finish”.

finish profile setup - leadstreet - DYK

Your listings should now be associated within 30 minutes. You can find your listings from the main dashboard or by clicking on the hamburger menu (top left) -> Listings -> Listings Manager.

listings - leadstreet - DYK

NOTE: If you do not see your listings, please ensure that you have entered the correct Agent ID. You can do this on the LeadStreet dashboard by clicking on hamburger menu (top left) -> Listings -> Listing Source Setup.

listing source setup - leadstreet - DYK

If you are still running into issues or have questions, please contact our Support Team – support@remaxintegra.com

Stay tuned for more “Did You Know” blog posts where we will uncover some little-known tricks within the new RE/MAX Launchpad that will help you be even more productive and more successful!

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