It’s not quite Halloween but the agents and staff at RE/MAX Results in Angola, IN are all dressed up and looking for blood. For this is the 14th annual RE/MAX Results blood drive!

It takes place in the parking lot of the RE/MAX Results Angola office every October, around Halloween, and is a huge community event! Agents invite past clients and volunteers make calls to invite new donors. The Results staff decorate the office and bring in treats. Everyone gives something – most importantly, blood.

It all started when RE/MAX Results agent Pam Doty met someone who needed a blood transfusion. Simultaneously, she was interested in starting a community event that would help a large number of people. (Pause for an interesting fact: the Red Cross staff shared that for each donor, 3 adult lives or 6 infant lives are saved. That adds up quickly!) And so, the 1st annual blood drive was born.

Now, fast forward a few years and we introduce Christy Thomson, current Blood Drive Chair. Christy started volunteering for the event ten years ago by making some phone calls to find new donors. But during her third year, her reasons for helping hit close to home and her passion to make this event bigger and better grew.

“Seven years ago, my brother passed away,” shares Christy. “When he got sick, he needed a blood transfusion but there was a shortage of donations. Luckily, we had the same blood type and I was able to donate. But he needed a number of blood transfusions and I was donating all the time. I knew there had to be a solution.”

Christy went through her client list, made phone calls, and asked if people were willing to donate. She called the Red Cross to get previous donor lists. She made more cold-calls to residents.  The donation list swelled and the turnout ballooned.

“In my first year as Chair we were able to take this from a few donor chairs to a full bus. A bus holds 30-35 chairs! The second year we had two buses and by the third year three busses!  This has definitely become a passion for me and is by far the most important thing I do each year.”

But she knows she’s not alone…

Sitting on the committee with Christy this year is Erica Noll, Doug Vanette, Tracey Musser, Brad Cookson, and Monica Rabe.

“Our annual Blood Drive here at RE/MAX Results in Angola is an effort made by the entire office,” shares Tracey Musser.  “It gives us such a great feeling knowing how many people we have the opportunity to help with blood donations. This not only gives us time to come together for our community but working together outside of business and building solid relationships as individuals within our office.  It was amazing to see how many local businesses donated to give our event a local flavor. It was truly a success in many ways.”

This year, the blood drive welcomed 129 donors and they were able to collect 107 units of blood.  That could save up to 321 lives! Along with the drive they had a photo booth and held a costume contest for those who come dressed up. They gave away door prizes and had food. There was music playing! Everyone in the community thinks highly of this event.

“We’re a small community but very supportive of each other,” says Christy. “Every year, the residents rally around us. They’re excited and ask about it. Some people say they only give once a year and only to this event. It fills my heart.”

If you’re interested in donating blood to your local blood bank, or possibly setting up your own blood drive, you can learn more from the American Red Cross at