Brandon Doyle, RE/MAX Results

Brandon Doyle is a real estate agent with the “lean and mean” 4-person Doyle Real Estate Team with RE/MAX Results in Maple Grove.  Although they’re small, they be mighty, consistently making the top teams lists year-over-year. The go-get-em experience, mixed with Brandon’s ferocious appetite for reading and learning, has taught him a lot in his 7 years.

So much so that he’s compiled his favorite marketing nuggets of knowledge into a new book!  “Real Estate Marketing Playbook” – A Concise Marketing Resource that Coaches Agents on Playing to Win with Proven Best Practices.

Learn more about Brandon and his book through our Q&A:

What is your book about?

“This is a book for real estate agents who want to excel in marketing. It provides a wide and thorough approach on cutting edge and tried and true tactics and presents them in an easy to digest ‘playbook’ format.  

“It literally covers every different way you can market yourself in the business. Digital marketing, direct mail, billboards, radio. But it’s not just what you can do; it covers best practices of how to do it, benchmarks to set for yourself and strive for, even case studies from agents across the country.

“It can be read cover-to-cover or digested in small doses to spark your imagination.”  

What drove you to write it?

“I co-authored my first book, Mindset, Methods & Metrics in 2016 and after completing that, I had a lot of content left over, good information that was worth sharing.  While I was attending and speaking at various conferences, I kept hearing the same thing from agents all over: what’s working for one agent in a market is working for another agent in their market.

“I wanted to be able to provide that information to the everyday agent. We should all be able to learn from each other and get a feel for what agents are doing and learn what’s working. But I also wanted to know how to do it and how to quantify results.  Since I couldn’t find it, I wrote it.”

What was your favorite part of the experience?

“I truly feel like I’m a student of real estate. I am constantly learning but to learn is also to listen so I find it very rewarding to get feedback and hear or see my audience’s reaction. It’s also been amazing to be able to travel and present at industry conferences. That’s been fantastic.”

What’s your favorite part of the book?

“I’m early enough in my career that I have a strong desire to work hard and embrace all the coolest tech and toys, but I also know I don’t know it all. So I strategically brought in the smartest people I know to help write these chapters, so this book truly provides amplified value. There are actionable items that tell you how to quantify the results and each chapter has its own quantifiable example.

“I’ve learned from my associates, mentors and my own family and I’ve sifted out what works and what doesn’t work in today’s marketplace – and what’s coming down the road. This book has many co-authors and the depth of expertise and breadth of new tactics is what sets this book apart.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

“I joined my father in the real estate business after graduating from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelors of Science in Real Estate. Recently I went on to earn a Master of Science in Real Estate from University of St. Thomas and was one of the first real estate agents to utilize aerial photography and digital showings for real estate.

“I’ve developed tracking formulas that transformed our real estate business plan and was honored by being named a 2014 Innovative REALTOR of Year Finalist. I was also named to the Inman News 2017 Real Estate Influencer List and as an Inman News 2018 Inman Ambassador, currently in addition to leading our team and writing books, I am National Speaker.”

Brandon launched his second book on October 25 with a party at OMNI Brewing Company. You can see some pictures on our Facebook page.  If you’re interested in ordering your own copy of the “Real Estate Marketing Playbook” you can find it on Amazon.