RE/MAX LeadStreet has a customizable, auto-generated monthly newsletter that is available to all RE/MAX associates! If you’re new to this newsletter and would like to get started, click the red button below for a RE/MAX University (RU) tutorial.

If you’re already using this newsletter, there are some scheduling changes that you should be aware of!

New! Coming April 2019

The monthly LeadStreet newsletter will be getting a new send date! The newsletter will now be sent on the first Thursday of each month. It used to be sent the last Thursday of the month.

To note: March’s newsletter will still be sent out on the last Thursday of the month, March 28th, per the original schedule*.  Then, just one week later, the April newsletter will be sent out on the first Thursday of the month, April 4th.

Each month after that, the newsletter will be sent approximately four weeks apart, on the first Thursday of each month.  

You will still receive an email alert from LeadStreet that the newsletter is available in your account and is ready for you to review and edit. You will receive this email one week before the newsletter is scheduled to be sent.

*As a reminder, it can take up to 4 days for all newsletters to be sent from LeadStreet because they are sent in batches to prevent being flagged as spam.