Any good marketer knows that long links are not ideal for sharing on your business profile: they’re messy, they crowd the meaning of your post, and they look unprofessional. As a real estate professional marketing your own services and skills, you want to make sure you’re making the best possible impression with your marketing — right down to your linked content.

To help make the most of what you want to say and the answer to all of your long link headaches, check out the newly updated RE/MAX URL Shortener!

Access the new RE/MAX URL Shortener through RE/MAX Launchpad under the My Tools section, select MAX/Center, and search “url shortener”:

Tip: To make finding the URL shortener faster next time, click the “favorite” heart so the URL shortener shows up in your “favorites” menu.

Here’s what your URL shortener platform looks like with the new MAX/Center update:

Customize Your Links

The beauty of the MAX/Center URL shortener is, it’s so much more than just a link shortening tool. By clicking the edit button in the three dots, you can customize your link to extend your branding, tailor your message, and in turn, increase engagement.

Track Your Links

Take a cue from a marketer’s handbook and start using data to inform your personal marketing decisions. The RE/MAX URL shortener helps you do just that with the tracking abilities. By just clicking on your shortened link, you can see:

  • A click breakdown of how many times your link was clicked and on what days
  • What country your link clicks are coming from
  • The referring channel (where that link came from)

All of this helps you to know what’s working with your marketing efforts, and what’s not.

Why You Should Use the URL Shortener

Not convinced? Here are the top 4 reasons why you should start using the URL shortener:

  1. Shorten any link.
  2. Track how many times a link was clicked and what day it was clicked.
  3. Find out the geographic location and channel where someone clicked your link.
  4. Customize a link to extend your branding for your emails, marketing pieces, and social media.