If you look up the definition of leadership, you’ll see it says “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” But where does one lead them to? For Dan Schultz, Vice President of Sales at RE/MAX Synergy in Minnesota, his experience at the 2019 RE/MAX R4 convention opened his mind to realize it’s about more than leading agents to sales success; it’s about life success.

Dan Schultz

“Every time I go to an industry convention I find something of value,” shares Dan. “This year at R4, I found the most value in the general session. The theme between speakers flowed so well and really resonated with me.”

If you weren’t able to attend R4, the general session kicked off with RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos talking about starting each day with a win. Marcus Lemonis of CNBC’s The Profit gave a riveting presentation on the power of getting to know people. And motivational speaker Hal Elrod wrapped it up talking about his 5-minute rule.

A little more background for you: Hal Elrod was in a terrible car crash when he was just 20 years old and was declared legally dead. After being revived and spending six days in a coma he woke up. Years later he was diagnosed with a rare cancer and given a 20-30% chance of survival. Instead of getting upset at what life handed him, he let himself get mad for five minutes and then told himself, “You can’t change it!” and moved on.  He eventually grew his 5-minute philosophy into the SAVERS program that shares how to win each day by starting the day off right.

“Hearing Adam Contos talk about starting each day with a win, and then Hal Elrod share his SAVERS program really made me think,” says Dan. “Like athletes, we have two sides to our abilities, our technical skills and our mental strength.  

“As a real estate agent of 30-years, and mentoring real estate agents to help hone their craft, I feel like we have the technical part down.  But we all could focus on our mindset and our mental strength so much more.”

Hal Elrod believes negative emotion is self-created and optional. That’s why he only allows himself 5-minutes to be upset and then move on. Dan understands that in real estate there are scenarios that can make an agent frustrated and drive them crazy. He wanted to help his agents become more positive.

“I was sitting in that auditorium and knew the 5-minute rule and SAVERS program was beneficial for me, but knew our agents could benefit from it, too.”

Upon arriving home, Dan created the SAVERS card based on Hal’s philosophy. He printed copies off, laminated them and started passing them out to RE/MAX Synergy agents.

“Since returning from R4, I’ve been starting my days following the SAVERS steps. It helps get my mind fresh. I’m getting oxygen to my body and brain.

“Every day I do it, I see what’s it’s doing for me as a person and it means more to me each and every day. I’m just trying to promote it to our agents and hope they catch it.

“I’m not good at all the steps just yet, but I’m working on it. I’m challenging myself to set personal goals, to step out of my comfort zone and stretch myself a little bit every day.”

And his agents are starting to notice!

“Just the other day after our Tuesday sales meeting, an agent popped in and said that meeting was really spectacular.  It helps solidify what I’m trying to do. I’m better at what I do! I’ve taken care of myself, I’m not getting wound up about things, I’m starting the day off right, and people are noticing.”

RE/MAX Synergy has six offices and 50 agents in the northern Twin Cities metro and western Wisconsin.