Mark Twain once said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”  Let’s make 2019 the year of frog eating! Let’s get uncomfortable and push ourselves to face our hardest tasks first. Consider reading Brian Tracy’s book, Eat That Frog: 21 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done. Determine what your frog is, which projects will bring you the greatest reward, and commit to working on it daily.

A few of our RE/MAX broker/owners have already eaten their frog! Congratulations to these individuals for doing the uncomfortable and accomplishing their goals:

Dan Kelley, RE/MAX County Wide 1st – LaPorte, IN

The Frog: Converting a 21-agent independent to RE/MAX
Dan Kelley

“The most uncomfortable thing I had to do was make the initial phone call to get to know them. That was eight years ago! So the other uncomfortable things I had to do was continue the dialogue, even after they initially said no – and learn to be patient on their timetable, not mine. I also had to overcome rejection and self doubt. And even now, since the merger, I’ve had to do a lot that’s been uncomfortable. Everyday we work towards melding two operational styles and cultures. Change is hard, it takes time and I can’t force it. I’m learning that good communication and compromise are keys to success!”

The Outcome: Office grew by 17 agents | Market Share increased to #1

Al Snider, RE/MAX of Bemidji – Bemidji, MN

The Frog: Recruiting agents in a small market
Al Snider

“I tell myself and my agents this, ‘If you think about something, act on it. By the time you think about it again, it might be too late.’ So now, the minute I think an agent should be with us, I act on it. I wasn’t always that way though. I had to find my rhythm with it and really work on making those phone calls and setting those appointments. I had to work on my presentations and we do a lot more marketing and advertising. We’re slowly figuring out what works and I’ve found some routine to my process. But it’s not easy and it’s very uncomfortable recruiting in a small market. We have to get along with competing brokers and it’s hard to recruit from an office who you know you’re going to be working with next week.  You don’t want to strip them of everything they have in an agent. But we need to bite the bullet and at least have a conversation with those agents. We’re actively putting feelers out.”

The Outcome: Recruited 6 agents since Jan. 1, 2019 | Leading NWMAR MLS with 17.5% of Total Market Share | Production went up 30% over 2018 YTD

Martin Tauger, RE/MAX Affiliates – Eau Claire, WI

The Frog: Standing out to recruits
Martin Tauger

“Recruiting is challenging enough as it is but we decided we needed a way to stand out to recruits. We’ve done everything from stripping away incentive plans to building out a unique training program. It’s been very challenging and forced us to ruffle some feathers, which isn’t easy in a market our size. But we’ve put in enough time and energy now to know what is and what is not working. For the last two years, when we have a serious recruit, we make it a family affair. We invite their family out to dinner with us and our families. Real estate is not a 40 hour a week job and family time is sacrificed. We want to make sure the families of our recruits know what we do, what our goals are and know what’s happening behind the scenes. It wasn’t comfortable at first but it’s proving fruitful. Our new recruits are hitting production marks faster than ever before.”

The Outcome: Total Transactions Up 5.7% | Total Commissions Up 22.7% | Total Volume Up 30.5%

Chris Arienti, RE/MAX Executive Realty- Franklin, MA

The Frog: Converting from KW to RE/MAX
Christopher Arienti

“I was with KW for almost 10 years and there was an emotional attachment as well as intimate knowledge of the company. Already knowing what you know and leaving that is very difficult. There is also the unknown – RE/MAX is a different model and I knew KW through and through and now I have to learn a new model. All these little challenges bring up a bigger challenge which is whether I decide to leave or not. But I would say the biggest hurdle was the emotional piece. I’m a people person, I was a team leader who immersed myself fully into my agents and the people I work with. I hired and knew all 150 agents, I knew them intimately and to leave that was an enormous challenge but I took the leap anyway.”

The Outcome: Co-owning 9 offices | Mentoring 140+ agents | 2nd largest brokerage in New England

Rick Stoudt, RE/MAX Innovative Properties- Londonderry, NH

The Frog: Merging RE/MAX to RE/MAX
Rick Stoudt

“I was not looking to sell my firm at the time. I had owned my company for over 30 years and was approached by current broker owners who are younger, tech savvy and better equipped to take my company to the next level. It took a bit of convincing that timing was good, it was going to be a transition of 3-5 years so I looked at my age and thought, ‘I don’t want to retire now but that’s not what I’m being asked to do. I’m being asked to transition my company into more capable hands with a lot more resources for my agents.’ I think that eating the frog part comes with the realization and acceptance of the idea that was the right thing to do. Now looking back, I’m very grateful that I took the time to sit down with the new owners and formulated a transition plan that will ensure agents are not interrupted with their business and don’t panic. Retirement is not the same as selling your business, I felt it was a good time to sell but I was not ready to retire. So, I continue to manage the company, I’m the manager of the Nashua office. I had three offices and now we have 5 offices and nearly 80 associates. It’s more so thinking about the future which most people have a difficult time doing.”

The Outcome: Staying with RE/MAX | Younger resources | No interruptions to agents