For parents who experience the unimaginable, often the smallest acts of kindness can have the most profound impact. Callie and Aaron, a grateful mom and dad from New Berlin, shared the story of their son, Theo, who spent his entire life in the Herma Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

“Our sweet baby Theo was on the West 3 Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for almost six months,” Callie said. “From the day he was born, the staff loved and cared for us, becoming our surrogate family during the most difficult time of our lives. Theo’s case was not without struggle, but the doctors and nurses never gave up on him. When we knew that Theo was dying, the staff did everything they could to make the end of his life comfortable and peaceful.”

“One of my greatest sorrows was that Theo never had a life outside of our hospital room,” Callie continued. “He never felt the sunshine on his face or the cold air of Wisconsin. The day before he died, our primary nurse, Emily, made sure I didn’t have to live with that. Between her and our attending physician, Dr. Francis Kim, they made that dream a reality and took Theo (with all the bells and whistles) down to the healing garden. Seeing the sun shine on Theo’s face was one of the greatest moments of my life, and there is no way I could ever repay them. We love you West 3, more than you will ever know. Saying thank you does not express our gratitude enough.”

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