If you’re a WWE fan, you might already know Kevin Fertig, A.K.A. Kevin Thorn and Mordecai. But, he’s hung up his championship belt and is now a real estate agent with RE/MAX Legends Group in Indianapolis, IN. Well, actually, he hasn’t hung up his belt, he’s just using it in different ways – like in his marketing campaign, and it’s pretty badass. 

In fact, if you check him out on his Facebook Business page or Instagram page, you’ll see that a lot of his stuff is badass – literally, he’s a #RealEstateBadass. He’s taken a page from his WWE days and has used it to build up his social media following, and more importantly, his real estate referral business.  

We sat down recently and asked Kevin a few questions about his “smashing” marketing techniques. Here’s what we learned: 

1- If you’re going to market yourself, own it. 

“Not many Realtors have my story so I wanted to embrace it and make it work for me.  I mean, why change what is already such a big part of my life? But I had to figure out my approach.  I had my championship belt so I found a way to make it relate to real estate. I came up with my “world champ homebuyers” theme.  When they’re buying real estate they’re the champs, it’s their name up on the marquee. And I want to give them a world championship experience.  So #thechampishome and #realestatebadass was born. I think the main thing is you have to find something close to your heart. If you do, it makes your marketing easier to show your true self, easier to connect with your clients, and lets you own your reasoning behind why you do something.” 


2 – If you’re going to do videos, be you. 

“I didn’t know what I was doing at first. Some days I still don’t know what I’m doing! It’s usually a surprise how my videos turn out. But I just started doing videos to see what would work. My broker, Jim Wilson, told me one day everyone in the office was talking about my video. I figured that was a good thing! I know I have a short attention span so I use my first 10-seconds to grab their attention and make them think ‘why’s he doing that’ and then in my comments, I relate it back to real estate. My big take on videos is to be you. I’m fun and crazy and adventurous and my videos show that. I try to do one a day. If I have an idea on the fly, I turn my camera on and go. Sometimes I put a little thought into it and use cheap props, other times I have no plan and just do things in the moment. But all my videos have a call-to-action to call me.” 

3 – If you’re going out, go all out. 

“Marketing can happen all the time, anytime! The one thing I do everyday is wake up so I take advantage of that. I am a walking billboard from the time I leave in the morning to when I come home at night. Now, I’m also 6’4” 275 pounds and have a personality that some say is larger than life. But I’m always wearing something real estate or RE/MAX related.  You never know when you’ll run into someone who needs a real estate agent, or knows someone who does. My Kevin Fertig Realty shoes have garnered me two deals!”  

4 – If something’s not working, keep trying. 

“You can’t do anything wrong as long as you’re trying. What’s wrong is not trying it at all.  It’s scary to put yourself out there but sometimes you’ve got to put on your big boy and big girl pants and start.  The thing with video is that if it’s bad – they’re probably going to shut it off and stop watching anyway! I watch my social engagement and the things that get a lot of comments I’ll try again. If not, I don’t! I keep my captions short and sweet, I use emojis and make it colorful, I use humor and try to be witty.  If I don’t have anything good one day I have a book of quotes I use. As long as I’m trying each and every day, that’s what counts.” 

Kevin is just 18 months into his real estate career, has already achieved 100% Club level and earns approximately 90-percent of his business from past client referrals and his social media marketing.  If you’d like to connect with Kevin follow him on Facebook or Instagram or connect with him directly at 317-869-7646.