Fred Imhausen is a RE/MAX agent with RE/MAX Results in Greenwood, IN and was recently honored with the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award – but if you ask Fred, that’s not his biggest accomplishment…For more than 25 years, Fred has volunteered as the “Indy Santa.” With his real-life Santa beard, Fred has donned the red suit to bring joy to countless children and organizations.

“My grandfather used to dress up as Santa so I guess you could say it’s in my blood,” shares Fred. “I got into playing Santa after I got into real estate. I was working with some title companies and they were looking for a Santa for a community event. They said ‘you have a beard, you can be Santa!’ and I decided why not?!” 

Fred now volunteers as Santa for a number of organizations across Indiana: Habitat for Humanity, Business Networking International, Ronald McDonald House, Anna’s House, Visually Impaired Preschools and Children’s Miracle Network.

“As a RE/MAX agent, having a connection to CMN was important to me,” explains Fred. “So I came up with an idea of how to tie my Santa role into our CMN hospital partner, Riley Hospital for Children. I asked for a list of things they needed and went into neighborhoods asking for donations of items on the list. Then as Santa, I took the donations and shared with the children at Riley. It was the first main thing I did as Santa.”  

While Fred hangs his hat with RE/MAX Results for his real estate business, he has a soft spot for helping any RE/MAX brokerage with their Santa needs. “I’ll work as Santa for any RE/MAX agent, office and event. I don’t often charge for RE/MAX affiliates but I do ask that they make a donation to CMN in exchange.” 

When Fred’s not wearing his Santa suit, his role as the man in red is still very much top of mind to his buyers and sellers – despite him trying to keep the two occupations separate. “The beard’s real,” chuckles Fred. “It started as a goatee and I used to shave it off but now I keep it all year – it takes too long to grow back! And people who know me know my ventures. They’ve either seen my website or my Facebook page or have heard about my involvement in CMN and want to work with me.” 

And, what comes around goes around. Due to his outpouring of community service and real estate sales, Fred was honored with the RE/MAX Community Service award in 2013.  His broker/owner agrees it was a perfect fit. 

“Fred has been an integral member of our team at the Greenwood office,” says Todd Stock, co-owner of RE/MAX Results. “His commitment to giving back to the community is an example for us all. Fred continues to make us, and this community, proud.”

“I think everybody needs to find a way to be involved in their community and do good for their neighborhood,” says Fred. “For me, being a part of RE/MAX, contributing to CMN and being Santa is a great way to do that.”