This year’s RE/MAX National Ad Campaign is here! And it’s better than ever.

 Keep your eyes peeled to your TV because RE/MAX just rolled out 11 new, and highly entertaining, commercials. All of the ads focus on the value a RE/MAX agent can bring to buyers and sellers and each ad ends with our powerful slogan “Don’t worry, we’ve done this a million times.”

Get comfy, pop some popcorn, and check out all 11 ads!

Watch Now

Just like last year, these ads were developed by the award-winning agency Camp + King. Fun fact: these ads were filmed in 8 different locations, featured 53 different cast members, and took 6 full days of shooting.

 Which commercial is your favorite? The “Pizza” spot had us laughing out loud.

The Custom Commercial Generator is back on and has been upgraded for 2020. This year, you can choose any commercial  to customize with your photo and contact information. This is one of our most popular tools because it’s fun, quick, easy to use, and a great way to promote yourself to your network. Head to to give it a try!

In addition to the National TV commercials and Custom Commercial Generator, the 2020 RE/MAX campaign will reach potential homebuyers / home sellers throughout INTEGRA regions through  a comprehensive digital advertising strategy that includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Search Engine Marketing. We will also be testing a new email campaign strategy. To leverage the 2020 campaign in your local markets, please visit the Marketing Portal within MAX/Center.

We hope you are as excited as we are and that these marketing tools help you to have your most successful year ever.

 If you have any questions about the 2020 media campaign or the assets available to you, feel free to reach out to your Regional Marketing Manager.


Michele Roy
Marketing Manager – Midwest  |  
Direct: 952-405-2496


Kristi Bergmann
Marketing Manager – New England  |
Direct: 508-974-4072