There’s a saying at RE/MAX: the more you learn, the more you earn. And with less than four years in real estate and already a Platinum Club level agent, self-described “education enthusiast” Andrea Lutz of RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties in Bloomington, IN, has found that sentiment to be true! 

“What’s important in business is not to be status quo and do things the way everyone else does it,” explains Andrea. “What’s important is to do things in a way that works for you and your clients. And I think one way to do that is to keep learning to evolve your business. 

“We’re all just one person and we can’t think of everything. So, watch videos, attend training sessions and conferences, get involved, and find one new thing to implement into your business to make it better.  

“Without education I think agents get bored and become uninspired, and that makes it hard to stay competitive in the market. We need to educate ourselves or we’ll lose out.”  

Andrea recently tested her own educational boundaries when she was accepted into the Indiana Association of REALTORS Leadership Academy.  The peer-nominated training program is a year-long course that includes six two-day sessions held at various locations around the state. 

Its mission is to motivate emerging REALTOR leaders to exert a positive influence on their profession and the real estate industry. Graduates gain knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively assist clients in their market while setting an example for their colleagues. The sessions include team building, leadership and professional development, communication exercises and accounting best practices.  

“This was a very intensive course and a big commitment,” shares Andrea. “I was away from home for days at a time but I’m really glad I did it. This was definitely more about personal growth and development than status.”

Andrea explains that it was less of a pencil to paper course and more about team building and workshops. She says they worked a ton on presentation skills, understanding body language, personality types and how to orient oneself to people and the world. 

“I really enjoyed the personality testing. I use it every day,” says Andrea. “I was easily frustrated in the past when someone did not understand what I was trying to say. But now I know how to change my delivery and say the right things so they say ‘wow, she really gets me.’

“When I ask people why they chose to work with me, they say things like, ‘you’re inspired and excited,’ and that goes a long way! When you don’t expose yourself to new ways you get stale and robotic and it comes through with your clients. I don’t want to be just a transaction coordinator – I want to be their invested Realtor – and continuing to educate myself helps immensely with that.  I truly believe that there are two sides to education: feeling better about yourself and doing your job better!” 

Andrea has been a licensed Realtor since 2016 and joined RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties in 2017. Prior to earning her real estate license, Andrea spent 11 years managing her own flower shop, Peppertree Floral, and 4 years as the director of national sales and marketing for, Upland Brewing Company, a local brewery. She credits her entrepreneurial spirit for helping her grow her community relationships and says the support and education she receives at RE/MAX “can’t be beat!”

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