RE/MAX 360 Tours is a new best-in-class virtual platform that will help you create 360-degree virtual tours for your clients! Here are 5 reasons why you should be using RE/MAX 360 Tours for your next virtual open house!

1 – 3D Floor Models

Not only does RE/MAX 360 offer you the ability to create a 360 degree virtual open house for your clients, it also provides 3D floor models that can better help your client visualize the layout of the home. With RE/MAX 360 Tour’s innovative and best-in-class software features, this tool will help you elevate your virtual open houses & provides you with exceptional lead generation capabilities. 

2 – No Fancy Equipment Required!

There is no need to spend money on expensive new equipment! RE/MAX 360 Tour’s allows you to use whatever camera you have at your convenience , while also providing the option to order equipment. This is a convenient alternative, that proves you don’t need to be a photography professional to make the most out of this great tool.

3 – Information Labels

Throughout your 3D tour, you are able to add detailed information labels throughout the home. For example, if the home offers a great added feature that can not be captured through the 3D image, you can upload a quick video demonstrating the feature & how it works! This allows you to provide your client better insight into the home and a better overall virtual experience.

4 – Live Chat

RE/MAX 360 Tours offers a live chat feature, which allows you to join your clients as they take a look through your 3D virtual open house. As you join them on the tour, this allows you to now point out any details that may interest them or allow you to explain certain features from your professional experience. This live chat option can ultimately help you sell the home – without ever leaving the comfort of your own home!

5 – Preferred Pricing!

Another great reason to get started with RE/MAX 360 Tours is the preferred partner pricing! It is only RE/MAX INTEGRA that is providing their Agents with this best-in-class technology at a discounted price. 

  • Monthly Tour Hosting Fee: $14.99 per month. This Includes:
    • Unlimited Tour Hosting
    • Unlimited EyeSpyLIVE
    • Unlimited Info Labels
    • Unlimited Views
    • Unlimited Archiving
    • PRO Support
  • $10 per Virtual tour, 3D Model & Floor Plan (up to 10 x 360 photos, then $1 per 360 photo thereafter.) This Includes:
    • 360° Virtual Tour
    • 3D Model
    • Floor Plan
    • Room Measurements
    • Note: you must subscribe to the monthly service to take advantage of this plan

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