Amy Hoag of RE/MAX Professionals of Newport, Rhode Island has 19 years of experience in real estate – and just hit her 14 year anniversary with RE/MAX! In the past few months, Amy was able to win two luxury listings and she knew just where to go for luxury marketing help – The RE/MAX Collection partnership with LUXVT.

With LUXVT’s help, Amy was able to market and sell these listings quickly and seamlessly. The sellers were impressed and Amy was thrilled. Keep reading below to hear about Amy’s experience using LUXVT and what selling luxury in Newport, RI has been like in 2020.

Tell us about your experience using LUXVT.

As a Realtor with 19 years of experience, I have sold some luxury properties, but don’t feel that I’ve successfully broken into that market. After learning about LUXVT, I saw this as a tool to effectively market properties and have resources available to compete for luxury listings. The market in Newport, RI is currently a strong sellers’ market and while I could have effectively marketed 10 Sea View Avenue and 12 La Salle Place with the marketing tools I normally use, I wanted to experience LUXVT and have a presentation kit readily available for future opportunities with potential luxury clients.

Check out Amy’s LUXVT Video Tours below:

Was LUXVT easy to work with?

LUXVT was VERY easy to work with! In both instances of initiating contact, I received a call from a LUXVT representative within an hour and was able to easily activate the listing within the LUXVT website. The online system is extremely user friendly and while I didn’t need the assistance from the representative, it was nice to have a contact in the event that I did. The turnaround time for the presentation kit was much faster than I expected. For future listings, I have confidence that I will receive a full presentation kit in less than 3 days.

Were the sellers impressed with what our LUXVT package offers?

My sellers were overjoyed with the presentation kit. It offered so much more than they expected. The sellers of 10 Sea View Avenue were very familiar with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal but did not expect that these would be marketing venues for their home. They were astounded to learn that their home would be featured in these highly respected and internationally reaching resources.

Do you think LUXVT was a factor in selling your two recent luxury listings?

I do think LUXVT was a factor in selling these homes. It is not always easy to pinpoint what search engine a buyer is using or how they are getting their information. However, with both of these listings, I was receiving more calls directly from buyers who had not yet engaged with a Realtor or created a custom search on Zillow.

Did you do anything to market these listings other than LUXVT?

I utilized The RE/MAX Collection Boston Globe ad program and again, my sellers were awestruck that we were continuing to use print advertising when most companies have gone solely to digital advertising. I received this reply upon sending my seller a copy of the Boston Globe ad: “Wow!! Thank you so much! You are an incredible agent. We appreciate everything you’re doing!”

What have you been seeing in the Newport luxury market in 2020?

We have had historically low levels of inventory in Newport and have become an even more appealing destination for second home owners from NY, CT and MA during this pandemic. While Newport has always appealed to vacationers from the NYC and Boston metro areas, the close proximity now offers professionals who are teleworking a destination location to live and work from and yet still be within a reasonable commute when needed onsite. Both of my recent luxury listings were sold to Boston Metro or NYC residents purchasing a second home.

Did you use any virtual selling tools?

I used professional interior, exterior and aerial photography to capture the digital photographs used to create an Instaview virtual tour. I held virtual open houses utilizing the LUXVT YouTube video. I also used Zillow’s 3D tour.

Will you use LUXVT for your future luxury listings?

I will definitely use LUXVT for future listings. I used these listings as a trial for LUXVT with sellers I knew well and listing contracts I had already secured. I now have the knowledge and confidence in this marketing tool to use it in a listing presentation with a seller whom I don’t have a relationship with.

Would you recommend LUXVT to other agents working in the luxury market?

Yes, I would highly recommend LUXVT. It offers an easy, accessible platform to market properties to high-end clientele in the luxury market and it offers the ability to market listings on websites and online publications that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  It creates stunning marketing materials that I can use to promote myself on my website, Facebook, YouTube channel, etc.

To learn more about The RE/MAX Collection’s partnership with LUXVT, click here

If you are interested in having your luxury listing featured in our next Boston Globe ad, reach out to Kristi Bergmann.