RE/MAX has always made an effort to give back to the communities in which we live and work — it’s what makes us who we are. This Halloween, we are running a unique, RE/MAX exclusive, pilot program designed to make an impact in our neighborhoods, ensuring Halloween can be enjoyed by all children.

The Treat Accessibly program is an inclusivity campaign that helps ALL children enjoy Halloween trick-or-treating festivities. You, and your clients, simply place  the Treat Accessibly sign in your yard to show your support for children who may be unable to experience trick-or-treating to its fullest potential. When this sign is in front of a house, the homeowner is making a commitment to pass out candy from the garage or the bottom of the stairs – essentially eliminating all barriers.   Staircases, steep or long driveways, crowded front entrances, or narrow pathways are no longer getting in the way for the kids in our communities during Halloween!

Originally launched in Canada in 2018 as a pilot-program, it was an immediate success. In 2019 alone,  more than 20,000 homes took part in Treat Acessibly. Signs have been distributed by RE/MAX agents across their local communities, and the media has shown an affinity for the program, resulting in over 40 million PR impressions on prime news programs and thousands of social media mentions. Because of this tremendous success, we’re rolling the program out in our US regions.

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Order Deadline: October 20th (while supplies last)

Treat Accessibly & COVID-19

This year, COVID-19 has created a new barrier for all families to celebrate Halloween. The Treat Accessibly program already encourages a curb-side set-up, we are just emphasizing it this year. By offering a curb-side trick-or-treating option, or handing out candy from the end of the driveway, homeowners are providing a safe trick-or-treating experience for children that is both accessible to all and respectful of social distancing mandates.

COVID-safe Suggestions for Handing Out Candy

  • Place the sign on your own lawn and commit to handing out candy on Halloween from the bottom of your stairs or the end of your driveway, while maintaining a safe & responsible distance. 
  • Wear a face mask!
  • Only handle the candy or other treats your distributing with gloves and hand it out directly from the bulk box or bag you purchased at the store.
  • Don’t leave out self-serve candy or treat bowls.
  • Draw temporary chalk lines on your driveway leading to your trick-or-treat station, 6-feet apart, to help kids and parents approach your trick-or-treating station in a way that’s familiar to when they check-out at a store.

Show your community RE/MAX Cares this Halloween and order your Accessible trick-or-treating yard signs.

Order Your Treat Accessibly Signs


Why should I participate? What does it mean when I put up this sign?

It signals that inclusivity is important. When you, your clients or agents put this sign up (ideally two weeks before halloween) in your yard leading up to Halloween, it signals to potential trick or treaters that you will make sure everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy their Halloween evening. Then, on Halloween you can distribute candy from your garage or driveway, or just be on the lookout to make trick-or-treating easily accessible, for all the little pumpkins, minions, ghouls and superheroes!

What if I don’t have any trick-or-treaters due to weather or where I live?

That’s totally OK. By putting this sign on your lawn, your community knows that you’re thinking of those with accessibility issues and RE/MAX is doing its part. It sends a message of inclusivity to your entire neighborhood, and that’s a message everyone can get behind!

How can I use these signs to build client relationships and generate awareness?
  1. On your own lawn! Place this sign on your own lawn and commit to handing out candy on Halloween from the bottom of your stairs or your garage. Share what you’re doing on social media to show your network that you stand for inclusivity.
  2. Hand deliver or mail the sign to your existing clients requesting that they place the sign on their own lawns to participate in the movement. Ask them to tag you on social when they’ve set up their sign! You’ll be amazed how many clients say, “yes please”!
  3. Share with prospective clients. Use this sign to network with new clients. We know that over 80% of consumers would rather purchase from a brand that stands up for social causes. By showing them that you care and are trying to make a difference in the community, you could be top of mind for their next real estate transaction.
  4. Boost your social media presence and create an emotional connection. Create Facebook or Instagram posts leading up to Halloween with the sign. Dress up in costume, send a message of inclusivity, and have fun!
  5. Increase office morale. Create a challenge within your office or team space – the team member with the most clients using this sign wins!

Order Your Treat Accessibly Signs

Here are some examples of RE/MAX Agents from last year who used this program!