Congratulations are in order! We truly have the greatest network of Broker/Owners, Managers, Administrators & Agents around, and thanks to you we have already reached our goal of matching $20,000 in donations! Together, we have raised more than $43,000, which will go such a long way to helping our communities. That could be up to 430,000 meals for those in need! We are so proud to help you support your local communities this time of year.

We are adding another $10,000! 

Let’s keep this momentum going and continue to make those donations in the communities that you serve. Help us reach our new goal of matching $30,000 in donations to food banks and homeless shelters! Use this customizable social image to share the impact you’ve made on your local communities with your network.

Watch the video below to hear the important conversation RE/MAX INTEGRA’s Fiona Petrie, EVP & Managing Director US, had with representatives from the Greater Boston Food Bank and the Homeless Center for Strafford County to learn more about food insecurity in the US and why participating in the Season of Giving is so important.

As a reminder, here is how you can participate:

Throughout December, if you make a minimum donation of $100 to your local food bank or homeless shelter, RE/MAX INTEGRA will match your donation up to $500!*

  • Donate a minimum of $100 to the local food bank or homeless shelter of your choice
  • Fill out this form to let us know about your donation
  • Don’t forget to include a receipt when you submit the form
  • We will then match your donation (up to $500) to the same charity as long as your receipts are submitted in December (or until we max out at $30,000 made in donations)

Singular donations can be made to a charity of your choice or this is a great opportunity to bring your colleagues in the office together to raise $500 (which we will double to make it $1000) for an important charity in your community! Don’t forget to make your donations by December 31st, 2020 to maximize your tax deductions.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Donations between $100 and $500 made to a food bank homeless shelter will be matched by RE/MAX INTEGRA as long as you fill out the form provided and we have not reached our cap of $30,000 made in donations. Any donation under $100 will not be matched. If you make a donation over $500, RE/MAX INTEGRA will donate a maximum of $500 to the food bank or homeless shelter of your choice. We will make our matching donation anytime from the day the receipt is submitted up until Feb 28, 2021. You must be an active RE/MAX Associate to participate.