We were completely overwhelmed by how quickly you all stepped up to give back to those in your community who need it most. On December 16th, 2020, we reached our goal of matching $30,000 in donations!

Thanks to you, we’ve raised over $62,000 through the Season of Giving! That could be over half a million meals and countless beds for those in need.

Over 100 of you participated, and we were able to donate to over 75 different charities in our communities! Thank you so much to everyone who participated — you stepped up and gave back to your local communities in such a big way.

Mike Guimares – RE/MAX Spectrum (MA)
Bill Burns – RE/MAX FIRST (IN)
Kevin McNamara – RE/MAX in the Mountains (NH)
Clint Kuipers – RE/MAX Advantage Plus (MN)
Robert Baudo – RE/MAX Realty 100 (WI)
John Robinson – RE/MAX Shoreline (ME)
Debra Parker – RE/MAX Real Estate Center (MA)
RE/MAX Valley Shore (CT)
Kathy Novak – RE/MAX Newport Realty (WI)
Russell Burk – RE/MAX Advanced Realty (IN)

Amy Voigt – RE/MAX Grand (WI)
Beth Goethel – RE/MAX Grand (WI)
Heather Olden – RE/MAX Alliance (CT)
Linda Wells – RE/MAX Realty 100 (WI)
RE/MAX North Realty (ME)
Justin Fox – RE/MAX Professionals (MN)
Michael Klug – RE/MAX Newport Elite (WI)
David King – RE/MAX Patriot Realty (MA)
Cinthya Velazquez – RE/MAX Patriot Realty (MA)
Kristy Pappas – RE/MAX Patriot Realty (MA)
Nanci Caflisch – RE/MAX Grand (WI)
William Miner – RE/MAX Compass (MA)
Sandra Sorel – RE/MAX Compass (MA)
Suzanne Bergeron – RE/MAX Compass (MA)
Barry Luce – RE/MAX Community Realty (WI)
Robert Sheldon – RE/MAX Spectrum (MA)
Brian Stephan – RE/MAX Results (WI)
Shannon Combs – RE/MAX Realty 100 (WI)
Beth Goethel – RE/MAX Grand (WI)
Joelle Smith – RE/MAX Platinum (MA)
Kristin Scarpaci – RE/MAX Triumph Realty (MA)
Jayme Kennedy – RE/MAX Pace Realty (IN)
Jeff Kudukis – RE/MAX Pace Realty (IN)
Sheila Minton – RE/MAX Pace Realty (IN)
Jean Lynch – RE/MAX Triumph Realty (MA)
Roger & Donna Pace – RE/MAX Pace Realty (IN)
Georgette May – RE/MAX Triumph Realty (MA)
Sue Bott – RE/MAX Prodigy (MN)
Richard Nelson – RE/MAX Property Shop (WI)
Roxane Schiller – RE/MAX Property Shop (WI)
Stefeni Tupy – RE/MAX Advantage Plus (MN)
Steven Westrick – RE/MAX Realty 100 (WI)
Claire Dembowski – RE/MAX 360 (MA)
Gayle Sepe – RE/MAX 1st Choice (RI)
Neil & Andrea Anastas – RE/MAX Village Properties (MA)
Sherry & Jim Bourque – RE/MAX Main Street Associates (MA)
David Feerhusen – RE/MAX Results (MN)
Robin Gwaltney – RE/MAX Results (MN)
Allison Maden – RE/MAX 360 (MA)
Mark McCreery – RE/MAX Real Estate Associates (IN)
Terry Johnson – RE/MAX Results (MN)
Tracy Ann Iseler – Cleveland – RE/MAX Results (MN)
Frank Strout – RE/MAX Oceanside (ME)
Bonnie Gridley – RE/MAX North Professionals (VT)
Anthony James Khambata – RE/MAX Professionals (MN)
Joanne Stone – RE/MAX Realty One (ME)
Tiffany Carey – RE/MAX Results (MN)
Vicki Kennedy – RE/MAX Oceanside (ME)
Steven Bornick – RE/MAX Oceanside (ME)
Alfredo Medina – RE/MAX Realty 100 (WI)
Doug Schauf – RE/MAX Oceanside (ME)
David Brumbaugh – RE/MAX Advantage Plus (MN)
Beverlee Vidoli – RE/MAX Realty Experts (MA)
Lisa Reinecke – RE/MAX Realty 100 (WI)
Jim Quimby – RE/MAX Infinity (ME)
Glen Hupfer – RE/MAX United (WI)
Lisa Dunn – RE/MAX Results (MN)
Sandra Carlson – RE/MAX Newport Elite (WI)
Tina Haynes – RE/MAX Integrity (MA)
Jean Grota – RE/MAX Integrity (MA)
Joe Kobialka – RE/MAX Destiny (MA)
Ben Lyons & Mike Drexler – RE/MAX Lyons Real Estate (WI)
Max Rea – RE/MAX Excel (WI)
Gary Luongo – RE/MAX Destiny (MA)
Tracy VanderWall – RE/MAX Executives (IN)
Laura Eenigenburg – RE/MAX Executives (IN)
Ruth E Pino – RE/MAX 360 (MA)
Elaine Hoff/Jonathan Parker – RE/MAX Encore (MA)
Rebecca (Becky) Grossman – RE/MAX Realty 100 (WI)
Amy Hoag – RE/MAX of Newport (RI)
Michelle Millikin – RE/MAX Excel (WI)
Martha Hoover – RE/MAX Preferred (MN)
Lauren Kane – RE/MAX Shoreline (NH)
Lisa Peery – RE/MAX Advantage Plus (MN)
Joy Carlson – RE/MAX Advantage Plus (MN)
Carol Christiansen – RE/MAX Realty Group (CT)
Jeffery L Tollefson – RE/MAX Advantage Plus (MN)
Sue-Anne Bock – RE/MAX Vision (MA)
Karin Provencher – RE/MAX Synergy (NH)
Bart Medlock – RE/MAX First (IN)

We look forward to bringing back the Season of Giving in December 2021.