Kami Gerald is a one-woman show in Minnesota. She embraces RE/MAX’s entrepreneurial spirit to build strong relationships with her clients and empowers other women in business.

Real estate agents are synonymous with entrepreneurs. It takes hard work and hustle to become top producers. RE/MAX offers those with a strong entrepreneurial spirit a platform for success.

Kami Gerald of RE/MAX Preferred in Minnesota is one such entrepreneur.

Before working as an agent, she was introduced to the industry through her first job at a title company. From there, she parleyed her experience into becoming an agent. First starting with a larger team within RE/MAX and then breaking off to start her own business. Early on, she craved the freedom that came with building her own business, managing client leads and relationships along with making deals.

RE/MAX afforded her the tools to be a top producing agent. So much so that Kami has been a top producing agent for the last several years. In 2020 alone, she managed more than $23M in sales volume, closed 61 transactions and earned RE/MAX’s coveted Chairman Status. Aside from good old fashioned hard work, her keys to success include:

  • Open Houses—these are great opportunities to market your brand and gather leads from potential buyers and sellers coming through the home. Agents become valuable resources for visitors by offering insight on the house and neighborhood
  • Mentorship—have mentors not just in real estate but across every aspect of business. Kami has gleaned important insights from the world of finance and even, fitness—where she gained important knowledge from those running popular studios that she then leveraged in the growth of her business. There is opportunity to learn everywhere.
  • Education—learning and growing is essential. In addition to learning from her mentors, Kami swears by Brian Buffini program. By following his advice, she was able to get her business off the ground. Additionally, each year, she applies his tools to learn from her weaknesses and leverage them for growth. Ultimately, the exercise makes her a better, more productive agent
  • Relationships—real estate isn’t just about buying and selling but about building the right relationship with key partners—title, escrow, etc.—that help give clients that extra level of service

These pillars have helped Kami grow above and beyond the role of an agent. She looks at transactions and deals beyond the numbers. Instead, she focuses on the impact a new home or sale will have on her client’s life. By doing that, the relationship moves from transactional to meaningful by creating a layer of trust.

Aside from being committed to her own business, Kami looks for ways to pay it forward. She has embraced March, dedicated as International Women’s Month, as a time to connect with and elevate the women in her network. For the past several years Kami has invited her female clients, colleagues, industry peers, and local female entrepreneurs for an afternoon of cocktails and camaraderie. She says it’s an opportunity to celebrate women-owned companies and create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. For up-and-coming female real estate agents, Kami emphasizes the importance of relationships as the core of the business. Of course, COVID put stop to her gathering last year. However, this year, she’s modifying her event to be social distancing-friendly. She plans to drop-off goods from locally owned female businesses to her clients, to raise awareness for their shops and support her fellow female entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, being all in, staying consistent, creating fruitful partnerships and being open to learning from anyone, has contributed to her success.