In 2018, over 75 Century 21 agents joined RE/MAX in the Midwest and New England states and we wanted to take the opportunity to capitalize on this momentum. We have put together a plan for the first quarter of 2019 to continue to highlight the RE/MAX competitive advantages over C21 and here is what the region is committed to executing:

  • We have created a landing page ( focused on the brand comparisons between RE/MAX and Century 21. The landing page will generate agent leads for you as owners.

View Landing Page

  • Using the same target list that we are leveraging with our social ads (above), we have also created an email drip campaign featuring the value of RE/MAX and this will be sent once per month (focusing on Education, Tools/Tech and Productivity) to the applicable C21 agents (again – over 1.5+ million). A call to action will link to the landing page if they’d like more information.

Note: If a C21 agent sees the ad and clicks it, they will go to the landing page. If they fill out the form on that landing page (creating a lead), we are informed and will then we will work with a broker/owner in the area that matches where the lead came from.

  • To further capitalize on this opportunity, we have reached out to both RE/MAX worldwide headquarters and industry publications in hopes of additional covered in various media channels in order to tell our story more publicly so keep an eye out for the stories to hit our social channels!

DON’T STOP READING – here’s where we need your help!

We wanted to inform you of what we’re doing from the region to assist you in your recruiting efforts, but we also know that many of you have relationships with these C21 agents. We’d love to have you as a partner in this campaign, so we have included recruiting materials below to assist you.

Engage on social:

When we posts content on our regional Facebook pages or other social channels you are encouraged to share and engage with the content! This not only helps you become more known but it helps influence everyone on your “friends” list. If you haven’t done so already, please your like regional Facebook page and start promoting the benefits of being with the Brand and your office!

NEW! Invite them to upcoming events and let them test drive our tech.

RE/MIX, Take Flight and a recorded Quick Start webinar have been added to the landing page. Be sure to promote our learning and development events. They are great opportunities to see what RE/MAX is all about!

NEW! We need success stories and testimonials!

Are you using the materials provided and having success? Do you have agents in your office that came to RE/MAX from C21 and are having success? Please let us know!

Download and prepare yourself with these downloads from Launchpad:

Leverage the R+R App on MAX/Center and read through RE/MAX vs C21:

Max/Center | RE/MAX vs C21

If you have any questions about these resources, don’t hesitate to reach out to your regional Franchise Growth Consultants.