Nationwide Seller’s Market Reigns as Home Prices Climb | November National Housing Report

Despite record low inventory for the month, October home sales increased 2.5% year-over-year and kept 2017 prices ahead of 2016, according to this [...]

Housing Ends Summer Strong; Only Slight Inventory Relief | September National Housing Report

U.S. home sales in August extended a summer of strong demand and weak inventory that once again resulted in listings with short shelf [...]

Commercial Real Estate Trends: A Look Forward to 2017 | Monthly Influencer Report

In the commercial real estate market, experts are quick to point out that it’s all cyclical — boom-bust-recover- repeat. What makes the commercial [...]

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U.S. Home Sales Finish Strong in 2016 | January 2017 National Housing Report

Capped off by a strong December, 2016 was the best year for U.S. home sales since the recession, according to the January 2017 [...]


Last month saw the second-most sales – and the smallest inventory – of any October in the 9-year history of the RE/MAX National [...]

First Annual Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report Released

In the largest-ever survey of U.S. home buyers, sellers, owners and renters the Zillow Group found new and valuable data on more than [...]

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Homebuyer Demand Remains Strong in September | October 2016 National Housing Report

Though posting a typical seasonal drop off from August, September’s U.S. home sales represented the most of any September in the 9-year history [...]

Make The Most Of A Low Inventory Market | Monthly Influencer Report

Recently all buyers, sellers and agents alike are buzzing about low inventory. Of course, there are many other ‘hot’ terms that are being [...]

August Sales Up, Prices Rise Steadily | September 2016 National Housing Report

August home sales increased 5.8% over a year ago, reversing July’s decline of 8.8%. At the same time, the median price climbed 5.1% [...]

Home Sales Cool, Price Increases Moderate | August 2016 National Housing Report

Unlike the month’s temperatures, July home sales cooled off from June’s highest year-to-date level. In the RE/MAX National Housing Report analysis of 53 [...]

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