December 31, 2018 is the Deadline to Order Static Printed “Why RE/MAX” Booklet at Current Price


The 2018 Why RE/MAX booklet showcases the RE/MAX value proposition and is a great resource for recruiting and retention alike. We are excited to announce that we have once again created a RE/MAX INTEGRA version of Why RE/MAX – layering in exclusive INTEGRA offerings such as Launchpad, local events, and customized educational support. A sample copy of the RE/MAX INTEGRA version was mailed to Broker/Owners the week of September 10th. Below are three ways to secure additional copies.

Questions? Contact Michele Roy at mroy@remaxintegra.com or 952-405-2496. 

Ordering Printed Copies:

Static Printed Copies: 

Printed copies of the static RE/MAX INTEGRA version of Why RE/MAX are available by Orders received by 11am est/ 10am cst on Thursday will be shipped Friday.

20 booklets for $30 (plus $14 shipping)

40 booklets – $60 (plus $20 shipping)

60 booklets for $80 (plus $45 shipping)

Order Static Copies

Custom Printed Copies:

You can also customize the Why RE/MAX booklet with your office name on the front cover, contact information on the back cover and a full page on the inside back cover to include a custom message, up to 4 images and optional office stats. Pricing starts at $2.85 per book (50 piece minimum) and varies depending on quantity. Click here to download a step-by-step PDF that explains how to order your custom booklet.

Note: You will be required to setup a secure account to order INTEGRA Why RE/MAX brochures. Price does not including shipping fees. 

Custom Order

Downloadable PDF:

PDF files of the RE/MAX INTEGRA Why RE/MAX booklet are now available for download through Launchpad.  PDF files come in both a page-over-page (ideal for printing in the office) and page spread (best for sending to your own printer).

Additional Recruiting Materials:

Use the Why RE/MAX Drip emails available in Design Center. There are eight designs to pick from.

Design Center Emails

Do you use Facebook or Adwerx for recruiting? Access the complementing Why RE/MAX ad images (which includes a “social” image sized for Facebook).


5 Ways to Use the WHY RE/MAX Booklet

  1. Customize your booklets for potential recruits or clients by writing your contact information inside, a special note or even highlighting some of your professional achievements. Customizing your booklet shows them you’re willing to go the extra mile, and with your contact information inside – they can’t forget you!
  2. Bring them to meetings with current agents that could benefit from a better understanding of the RE/MAX offerings.
  3. Email the digital copy in your recruiting drip campaigns or use it in your email signature.
  4. Use some of the statistics and information inside the Why RE/MAX booklet for social media posts and emails.
  5. Print your favorite pages for open houses, meetings, and more by ordering the digital copy.

If you have questions regarding Why RE/MAX Booklets please contact Michele Roy at mroy@remaxintegra.com or 952-405-2496.